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MVNO Nation Africa

Day 1

16 July 2024


Welcome coffee 


MVNO Nation opening


Realising the growth potential of the new type of telco service providers in Africa


Telco industry expert insights: Exploring telco business prospects in Africa

  • Identifying regions paving the way for MVNOs and new services growth

  • Analysing key challenges hindering MVNO expansion: regulatory hurdles, know-how, talent accessibility?

  • Predicting the next MVNO leader on the African continent

Peter Nussbaumer, Founder, MVNO Academy (topic tbc)

Accenture Telecommunications Practice (tbc)

James Gray, Managing Director, Graystone Strategy (tbc)


How do successful MVNOs differentiate their services from operators? (topic tbc)

  • Embracing a digital-first strategy

  • Elevating personalisation to hyper-personalisation levels

  • Streamlining the customer journey with cutting-edge tools

  • Facilitating real-time access for customers to their information

  • Enhancing customer service with simplified journey paths

  • Introducing rewards and perks to foster customer loyalty


Jason Harmsen, CEO, MVNE


Panel discussion: Understanding telco customers’ needs in Africa

  • Identifying sought-after services: Gauging the pace of voice decline and preferences for data and other services

  • Designing effective marketing strategies: Evaluating the efficacy of various channels and assessing the extent of eCommerce adoption

  • Partnering strategically for marketing and service expansion: Exploring diverse ecosystems for optimal collaborations

  • Meeting the needs of rural areas and addressing connectivity disparities


Moderator: Peter Nussbaumer, Founder, MVNO Academy

Hymie Marnewick, CEO, NetEngage
Papa Mapate Goudiaby, General Manager, Promobile, Senegal (tbc)

Afrihost Senior Representative (tbc)

ICASA Senior Representative (tbc)
Econet Wireless Representative (tbc)


Coffee & Ice-breaker 


The first round of speed networking - everyone in the room gets to meet each other 


Leveraging technology: Unleashing the power of innovation in MVNOs in Africa


Efficiently digitising your MVNO - Strategies and techniques

  • Exploring digital transformation - What are the challenges and what are the opportunities?

  • How to craft a robust digitalisation strategy - Where to start?

  • Pinpointing crucial areas for digitalisation in MVNO operations

  • Implementing best practices for smooth digital technology integration, reporting and assessment

  • Examples of successful digital transformation journeys


Rajesh Hari Parsad, Managing Partner & Founder, TAU SPACE


Exploring innovative MVNO business models - Towards a fully digital MVNO

  • Offering seamless digital experiences

  • Empowering customers with choice

  • Strategically targeting prospective customers through appropriate channels based on their decision-making stage

  • Optimal retargeting of prospects for enhanced conversion rates

  • Accelerating time-to-market with customized promotions: Crafting enticing promotions that truly resonate and add value



Unlocking MVNO success: Future-proofing for growth through cloud migration and effortless customer experiences

  • Defining the urgency to migrate to the cloud and regional differentiators

  • Exploring the impact on costs, scalability, and time to market

  • How does that enable winning customer experiences that drive loyalty and business growth?

  • Outlining the path to success and critical learnings

  • Looking into the future; examples of how platform diversification can help maximised ROI


Sean Casey, SVP, Product Management, CSG


Panel discussion: Unleashing the power of innovation in African MVNOs

  • What does innovation mean to you? Is there an excess of technological innovation clouding genuine business needs?

  • Identifying the most impactful technologies and innovations driving current telco sector growth and predicting those that will shape its future

  • Evaluating the evolution of current go-to-market strategies and their transformations

  • Discussing essential factors needed to facilitate the growth of MVNOs


Moderator: Ndirangu Kibata, Director - Strategy and Growth, TAU SPACE

Len Pienaar, Founding CEO, FNB Connect, South Africa

Kartik Mistry, Head, Standard Bank Mobile, South Africa

Suveer Ramdhani, Board Member, Cell C, South Africa

Malcom Subramony, Executive Head of Department, IoT Solution Development and Delivery, Enterprise Business Unit, Vodacom

Danson Muchemi, CEO, Jambopay, Kenya


Networking lunch


Exploring hot and new MVNO business models


Panel discussion: Exploring diversified value-added services in the telecom sector and their potential to foster growth

  • Diving deeper than just mobile voice and data: Exploring mobile banking/fintech, digital content subscriptions, home automation, consumer IoT solutions, gaming, and more

  • Assessing market demand for these services and identifying potential growth opportunities

  • Identifying new services with the potential for higher ARPU and examining revenue models and monetization strategies


Moderator: Andrew McHenry, Co-Chairperson, Mobile Monday, South Africa

Burak Akinci, CEO, ayoba, Turkey 

Ernest Akinola, Managing Director, Bboxx, Nigeria (tbc)


Hot business model - Interview on stage: The success of combining MVNOs and mobile payments in Africa

  • Understanding the rationale behind banks and FinTech companies launching their MVNOs

  • Exploring the necessary regulatory framework to facilitate mobile money services and MVNO convergence

  • Understanding available mobile money products, platform development, and setup processes for banks and MVNOs

Session reserved for FNB Representative and Standard Bank Representative 


Hot business model - Exploring the SMEs and enterprise opportunity in South Africa

  • How can MVNOs design customised connectivity plans to meet the unique needs of enterprises and SMEs, including data, voice, and IoT solutions?

  • Exploring the scalability of MVNO services for businesses of different sizes, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness

  • What pitfalls to avoid while addressing the SME and enterprise market?

Farhad Suleman, Founder & CEO, DataXoom, South Africa 


Hot business model - Exploring the SMEs and enterprise opportunity in Nigeria

  • What are the needs of the Nigerian SMEs and enterprises?

  • How to build a software-defined MVNO and create services that no one else provides

  • Exploring the opportunities presented by new technologies


Mattie Okunwe, Founder, Fonu, Nigeria


New business model - How to become an aggregator and create a BrandVNO?

  • Advantages of MVNOs adopting the aggregator model

  • Benefits for retailers and brands in partnering with MVNOs over alternative industry players

  • Collaborative strategies for maximizing partnership benefits and leveraging business expertise between both parties


Jignesh Dave, Founder & CEO, Next Communications, South Africa & Netherlands


New business model - Innovative ways of expanding your telco offering

  • Designing effective rewards programmes: How to create compelling rewards programmes that increase customer loyalty and engagement

  • Integrating technology for seamless experiences including personalisation and targeted campaigns  

  • Capex vs. Opex - How to quantify the investment and measure success 


Steven Greenspan, Managing Director, Blue Label Connect, South Africa (topic tbc)

Richard Anderson, COO, C Connect, South Africa (topic tbc)


Networking drinks reception 


Day 2 

17 July 2024



Welcome coffee

9.25- 9.30

MVNO Nation opening


Providing a level playing field for a new type of telco service providers in Africa

9.30 - 10.10

Panel discussion: Establishing a conducive regulatory environment for MVNOs:

  • Creating a space for cooperation between MVNOs and MNOs

  • Ensuring equitable market access for MVNOs through fair wholesale rates and network accessibility

  • Facilitating number portability procedures & regulating national roaming and international billing

Usman Mamman, Head of Licensing Department, Nigerian Communications Commission (awaiting final confirmation)

Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Senior Representative (tbc)

Uganda Communications Commission Senior Representative (tbc)

National Communications Authority Ghana Senior Representative (tbc)

Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Authority Senegal Senior Representative (tbc)
Postal and Telecommunications Authority Zimbabwe Senior Representative (tbc)

Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority Senior Representative (tbc)

10.10 - 10.30

Keynote speech: Update on the licensing regulations in Nigeria

Usman Mamman, Head of Licensing Department, Nigerian Communications Commission (awaiting final confirmation)


Operators panel discussion: What are you looking for in an MVNO partner? 

  • What niche markets should MVNOs target to be compatible with your wholesale business?

  • What are the key factors that resonate with you best during the presentation of new MVNOs?

  • How MNOs and MVNOs can ensure that their partnership enhances the business goals of both parties


Bernard Muteti, Group Head for Enterprise Connectivity Business, Globacom (tbc)
George Katumba, Executive Director,  K2 Telecom, Uganda (tbc)
MTN Senior Representative (tbc)
Cell C Senior Representative (tbc)
Vodacom Senior Representative (tbc)


Coffee & Ice-breaker 


The second round of speed networking - everyone in the room gets to meet each other 


Success case studies from the continent


Hot business model - Exploring the success of mobile payments in Africa and synergies between fintech companies and MVNOs

  • Africa's mobile payments landscape: Examining the widespread adoption of mobile payments and digital financial services in the continent

  • Driving financial inclusion and innovation: Insights on fostering synergies between MVNOs, fintech companies, and banks to promote financial inclusion, improve customer experiences, and drive business growth

  • Leveraging MVNO-fintech partnerships: How MVNOs and fintech companies collaborate to access wider customer bases, drive innovation, and enhance service portfolios

Danielle Lawrence, Interim COO, Fintech Association of South Africa


Hot business model - A case study of the largest fintech company in East Africa and its interest in the telco market


Danson Muchemi, CEO, Jambopay, Kenya


Panel discussion: South Africa: Leading the MVNO Market in Africa

  • With near-complete mobile penetration and four major operators, South Africa offers unique hurdles for MVNOs. How to thrive in this competitive landscape?

  • B2C, B2B or B2C2B models? Which direction to explore?

  • Identifying key trends in South Africa regarding Value Added Services, content, gaming, and quadplay


Moderator: Wesley Hellyar, Founder, Moth Innovate

Jignesh Dave, Founder & CEO, Next Communications, South Africa & Netherlands

Calvin Collett, CEO, Melon Digital, South Africa

Farhad Suleman, Founder & CEO, DataXoom, South Africa 


New MVNO: A case study from Nigeria

Ben Adeniyi, CEO, Univasa (topic tbc)

Ayo Stuffman, Group Chief Executive Officer, Vas2Vas Technologies, Nigeria (tbc)


New MVNO: A case study from Tunisia


Anis Bouajina, Founder & CEO, Asel Telecom Group (tbc)


Networking lunch


Exploring new customer niches and expanding your services


Debate: Bridging the connectivity gap: MVNOs connecting Rural Areas

  • Leveraging innovative network technologies to extend coverage to underserved rural regions

  • Implementing cost-effective infrastructure solutions tailored to rural environments

  • Designing specialized service plans to meet the unique needs and preferences of rural communities

  • Collaborating with local stakeholders and community leaders to address connectivity challenges and foster sustainable growth


Sibusiso Khumalo, Managing Director, Mashobane Technologies, South Africa

Samuel Chiwanda, Founder & CEO, Click Mobile, Malawi 

Morenikeji Aniye, CEO, Hotspot Network, Nigeria


MVNOs funding and launch strategies:

  • Determining the capital requirements for MVNO initiation

  • Securing funding sources: Who, where, and how to approach

  • Cost optimization: Exploring alternative marketing and distribution channels


15.20- 15.35

Leveraging business model synergies between MVNOs and other service providers such as ISPs (Internet Service Providers), cable operators, or utility companies

  • Creating bundled services and cross-promote offerings, enhanced customer experiences, and increased market reach

  • Synergistic offerings: Possibilities of combining services from different industries to create innovative and value-added offerings 

  • Case studies and success stories where MVNOs have effectively expanded their customer bases by tapping into the established networks of other service providers


Lunga Siyo, CEO, Telkom Customer, South Africa (topic tbc)

Afrihost Representative (tbc)


How to expand your MVNO business horizontally - From B2C to B2B

  • How to utilise the offerings you have and sell them to new audiences? What are the immediate opportunities? 

  • How does the B2C to B2B and vice version expansion look like? What are the benefits and what to watch out for?

  • Looking for new customer groups in spaces where there is a displacement of technology (e.g. decline of fixed phone lines and fixed broadband lines)

Mohammed Ebrahim, Managing Director, HelloMobile, South Africa (topic tbc)


Debate: Anticipating the future: How will MVNOs influence the broader telco landscape?

  • Forecasting the telco industry in Africa over the next 5 to 10 years

  • Exploring the potential role of satellite technology in advancing the market

  • Assessing the transformative impact of 5G deployment


This session will include day 2 keynote speakers


Day 3 

18 July 2024

MVNO Academy Workshop

10:00 - 14:00

Programme intro 

  • MVNO models overview

  • Value chain

  • Possibilities & responsibilities

  • Pros and cons

  • Tasks



  • Mobile landscape

  • Integration models

  • Which Network Elements to which model? Pros and cons

  • SIM / eSIM electrical profile, timelines, eSIM providers

  • SLAs - principles with enablers


MNO relationships  

  • What do MNOs expect from you?

  • What do you expect from your MNO?

  • Host MNO contract principles

  • SLAs

  • Which commercial model?

  • Wholesales reconciliations

  • Responsibilities & options for roaming


Product proposition

  • Prepaid, postpaid, hybrid?

  • None-Telco products

  • Loyalty options

  • Tarif, plans, add-ons

  • Currencies

  • Rating options

  • Roaming


Product profitability 

  • General assumptions and market data

  • Risks

  • Templating the costs calculation

  • Example and explanation on real models

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