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MVNO Academy


The MVNO Academy supports MVNOs, VMNOs, and Digital Brands of legacy Mobile Network Providers in every phase of their journey with bespoke training courses delivered by the industry's top experts. With now almost half a hundred MVNX and Sub-Brands successfully brought onto the market, covering all five relevant continents, we have created pin-pointed courses and dedicated advisory for every type and phase of an MVNO. We gathered and combined the know-how of successful managers who have driven the digital telco industry over the last decade with price-winning innovation, game-changing commercial models, and lean digital products and processes pushing MVNOs even in front of their hosts.

The MVNO Academy team is well aware of what it means to start a new MVNO business from zero as they have done this several times. Especially in the beginning, you may want to focus on the business idea only. But very quickly when that idea becomes more tangible and already a team of people is working on it, there are a number of business decisions you need to make to take your business off the ground. 

To help you to navigate through the maze of requirements, systems, platforms, services, and managing projects and people, they designed a bespoke 5-day training programme that covers all the aspects starting from what you need in order to set up an MVNO business efficiently, through day to day running of your business to creating a tangible value enabling your company to scale up.


MVNO Academy Workshop

Time tbc - 4 hours

Programme intro 

  • MVNO models overview

  • Value chain

  • Possibilities & responsibilities

  • Pro's and con's

  • Tasks



  • Mobile landscape

  • Integration models

  • Which NE to which model? Advantages, noUSP

  • SIM / eSIM electricalprofile, timelines, wherefrom

  • SLAs - principles with enablers


MNO relationships  

  • What do MNOs expect from you?

  • What do you expect from your MNO?

  • Host MNO contract principles

  • SLAs

  • Which commercial model?

  • Wholesales reconciliations

  • Responsibilities & options for roaming


Product proposition

  • Prepaid, postpaid, hybrid?

  • None-Telco products

  • Loyalty options

  • Tarif, plans, add-ons

  • Currencies

  • Rating options

  • Roaming


Product profitability 

  • General assumptions and market data

  • Risks

  • Templating the costs calculation

  • Example and explanation on real models



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